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CAD Drafter


Nơi làm việc của Mỹ-IL-Lincolnshire Ngày đăng: 2016/09/14 Địa chỉ: 450 Bond Street Thông tin thêm về việc này: Tổng quan: Klein Tools có một lịch sử 158 năm phục vụ nhu cầu công cụ tay buôn chuyên nghiệp với các sản phẩm đại diện cho một tiêu chuẩn xuất ...

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CÁC CHỨC NĂNG CƠ BẢN   3D Modeling sử dụng phần mềm (E-Pro) to sản xuất chất lượng cao dữ liệu CAD 3D cho all sản phẩm mới PTC Creo Parametric. Wizard để to like capabilities nắm bắt purpose thiết kế of việc sử dụng các bản Phác thảo, quét, ...

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CAD Designer/Drafter


JOB TITLE CAD Designer/Drafter REQ NUMBER 16-168 PLANT NUMBER OR LOCATION LCI Plant 19 – RV Chassis ADDRESS 3152 Skyview Rd., Goshen, Indiana 46526 FULL-TIME OR PART-TIME Full-time JOB DESCRIPTION Produces design layouts requiring advanced mathematical and/or engineering principles. Works from instructions given by a Product Engineer or supervisor. Works ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max _ User skill

AUTODESK 3Ds max user

Using This Document This easy-to-read document lists industry-specifi topics pertaining to a function or feature set of Autodesk 3ds Max software. Topics are organized into three substructures logically sequenced for classroom presentation: • Topic: A standard functional subject area and/or feature set available in Autodesk 3ds Max software. Example: Sketching and ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max- Lighting (2010)

3Ds MAX 2010 lighting

In this tutorial, you have the scene of a Mediterranean villa that requires lighting conditions for early, mid, and late-day illumination. To accomplish this task, you will create a daylight system and customize it to match a specific scene location and time. Then you ’ll set proper scene exposure and combine the daylight system ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max- Character- Animation (2010)

3ds max 2010 charater-animation

The following tutorials introduce you to the fundamentals of character animation using 3ds Max ‘s biped system. You will learn how to create and control a virtual skeleton, which will drive the motion of your character. Features Covered in This Section ■ Adjusting your biped with Figure Mode. ■ Applying Physique. ■ ...

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3Ds Max _ 2010 _ Lighting_ Rendering

3ds max 2010 lighting and rendering

The tutorials in this section show you how to create outstanding images and animations with 3ds Max. You will learn how to use a variety of lighting methods, as well as how to render still images and animation. You will also be introduced to three powerful features in mental ray that let ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max _ Design (2010)


In this tutorial, you will learn how to: ■ Place photometric lights in a scene and adjust light color. ■ Set shadow parameters so lights cast shadows properly. ■ Use render presets to quickly set exposure for a night scene. ■ Use a bitmap image as the scene background and ...

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3Ds Max 2010 -Modeling

autodesk 3Ds Max

Modeling in 3D is similar to sculpting. Many different techniques can be used to create the objects in your scene. The techniques you learn in these tutorials can be adapted to any style of modeling you need to perform. For instance, if you’re building models that will be incorporated into a game, ...

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3Ds Max Lighting

3Ds max

Introduction This book is separated into three main parts: Part I, “Lighting Theory,” Part II, “3ds max Lighting Tools,” and Part III, “Creating Lighting.” Part I covers the fundamentals of what light is, how it acts and reacts in our world, and what those reactions look like. Part II covers the virtual lighting ...

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