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Compound Materials 3Ds Max


Compound materials combine two or more submaterials for a variegated look, especially when used with maps. Compound materials are similar to compositor maps, but they exist at the material level, as shown in Figure 10.3. You load or create compound materials using the Material/Map browser. Matte/shadow Use Matte/Shadow material when ...

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standard Materials 3Ds Max


Standard materials typically use a four-color model to simulate a surface of a “single” color reflecting many colors. The four colors are known as the material’s color components. Ambient color appears where the surface is in shadow, diffuse color appears where light falls directly on the surface, specular color appears ...

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the slate Material editor 3Ds Max


The Material Editor is the central place where you do all of your material creation and editing. You can assign materials to any number of objects, as well as have multiple materials assigned to different parts of the same object. 2013 program has two interfaces to the Material Editor: the ...

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Merging and Attaching the Head’s Accessories 3Ds Max


The remaining accessories for the soldier are the helmet, goggles, and face mask. To create these objects, you can repeat the same methods you’ve already used, so we’ll save a little time and merge the finished pieces. The finished models for the helmet, goggles, and face mask have been created ...

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Creating the Back of the Head 3Ds Max


You have the same problem with the back of the head as you did with the front of the face: There are not enough horizontal edges. 1. Chamfer a horizontal edge near the top of the back of the head, as shown in Figure 9.16. In the figure, you can ...

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Rounding out the Face 3Ds Max


Now it is time to round out the face a bit. The face doesn’t have to be perfectly round, but it will help if the face is close to a round shape. The majority of the head mesh you will create will be covered with the goggles, helmet, and face ...

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outlining the Head 3Ds Max


In the following steps, you will create an outline of the head by creating one strip of polygons and then forming them to the side image plane. You will extrude 15 times and move the edges to create the general form of a head. Be sure to keep the outer ...

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Creating the Head 3Ds Max


Continue with the previous exercise’s scene file (from Chapter 8, “Character Poly Modeling: Part II”), or open the Soldier_V09.maxscene file in the Scenes folder of the Soldier project from the book’s web page at www.sybex.com/go/ 3dsmax2013essentials. The soldier’s head will consist of four parts: a helmet, goggles, a face mask, ...

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Creating the Hands 3Ds Max


Continue with the previous exercise’s scene file, or open the Soldier_V08.max scene file in the Scenesfolder of the Soldier project from the book’s web page. In this section, you will create simple “mitten hands” for the soldier: 1. To create one of the hands, start with a box. Create a ...

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Putting on the Boots 3Ds Max


Continue with the previous exercise’s scene file, or open the Soldier_V07.max scene file in the Scenesfolder of the Soldier project from the book’s web page. At this point, you are probably feeling comfortable with the tools and interface, so we’ll pare down the steps somewhat unless the procedures are new ...

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