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3Ds max 4 Bible


The book is divided into the following parts: ✦ Quick Start — This single chapter is an entire animation project presented in several focused tutorials. It is designed to whet your appetite and get you up to speed and producing animations immediately. ✦ Part I: Getting Started with 3ds max 4 — ...

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3Ds Max 6 Bible


  The book is divided into the following parts: ✦ Quick Start ✦ Part I: Learning the Max Interface ✦ Part II: Working with Objects ✦ Part III: Modeling ✦ Part IV: Materials and Maps ✦ Part V: Cameras ✦ Part VI: Lighting ✦ Part VII: Animation ✦ Part VIII: ...

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HdRI 3ds Max


The high-dynamic-range image (HDRI) is used in CG to create more realistic scenes than the more simplistic lighting models used. n HDRI is created when several photos at varying exposures are taken of the same subject, ranging from very dark (underexposure) to highlight only the brightest parts of the scene, to very ...

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3ds Max daylight system in mental ray Renderings


The Sunlight and Daylight systems simulate sunlight by following the geographically correct angle and movement of the sun over the earth. You can choose location, date, time, and compass orientation to set the orientation of the sun and its lighting conditions. You can also animate the date and time to ...

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Photometric Light Parameters 3ds Max


Now let’s look in the Command panel at the photometric light’s Intensity/Color/Attenuation rollout for the 75W light, as shown in Figure 16.19. exposure controls adjust output levels and the range of colors of a rendering. these controls are similar to real-world film exposure settings on a physical camera.  FIguRe ...

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3ds Max Photometric Lights in mental ray Renderings


Many of the parameters for photometric lights are the same as or very similar to the standard lights you looked at in Chapter 14, “Introduction to Lighting: Interior Lighting.” Here, you see the parameters that are specific to photometric lights. Photometric lights simulate real lighting by using physically based energy ...

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Arch & design templates 3ds Max


Arch & Design materials have a special feature: templates. Templatesprovide access to already-created materials and parameters for different types of materials such as wood, glass, and metal. These templates can also be used as a starting point for material creation. For the wine glasses in the scene, you will use ...

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Multi/sub-object Materials and Arch & design 3ds Max

By using the Multi/Sub-Object material and dragging the individually created materials to the selected polygons, you can use the same technique for the window that you used in Chapter 10. The difference now is you will use the Arch & Design material instead. The window is divided into two materials: ...

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