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Rendering setup 3ds Max


Your render settings and the final decisions you make about your 3ds Max scene ultimately determine how your work will look. If you create models and textures with the final image in mind and gear the lighting toward elegantly showing off the scene, the final touches will be relatively easy ...

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Light Lister 3ds Max


If several lights are in your scene and you need to adjust all of them, selecting each light and making one adjustment at a time can become tedious. This is where 3ds Max Light Lister comes in handy. Accessed through the main menu bar by choosing Tools aLight Lister, this ...

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Adding a Volumetric effect 3ds Max


The whole point of this exercise is to add volume to the light. This will give the scene some much needed atmosphere. You need to switch to another camera. Select the camera view and press the C key on your keyboard, which will bring up a dialog box to choose ...

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excluding an object from a Light 3ds Max


Select the Sunlight light, and go to the Modify panel. In the General Parameters rollout, just below Shadows, is the Exclude button. Click the Exclude button to open the Exclude/Include window shown in Figure 14.24. 2. Click on the Glass object and click the right arrows in the middle of ...

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Adding shadows 3ds Max

Now you need some shadows in the scene: 1. Select the Sunlight light, and from the Modify panel, open the General Parameters rollout; in the Shadows section, check the box to enable shadows. Select Shadow Map from the drop-down menu. Doing so turns on Shadow Map Shadows for this light. ...

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Creating a Volumetric Light 3ds Max


Let’s create a fog light now: 1. Open the ArchModel_LightEnviro_start.maxscene file in the ArchModel Scenesfolder on the book’s web page. Go to the Create panel, select Lights, and in the drop-down window select Standard and then select the Target Direct light. Go to the Left viewport and click from the ...

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shadow Maps 3ds Max


The shadow map is often the fastest way to cast a shadow. However, shadow map shadows do not show the color cast through transparent or translucent objects. When you are close to a shadow, in order to avoid jagged edges around the shadow, use the Size parameter to make the ...

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Lighting a still Life in the Interior space 3ds Max


Now that you have an overview of how lights work in a 3ds Max scene, let’s put them to good use and light the room from Chapter 10, “Introduction to Materials: Interiors and Furniture,” and create the three-point system. Set your current project to the Arch Model project you copied ...

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omni Light 3ds Max


The 3ds Max omnilightis a point light that emanates light from a single point in all directions around it. Figure 14.8 shows an omni light. Unlike the spot and directional lights, the omni light does not have a special rollout, and its General Parameters rollout is much simpler. Omni lights ...

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Target direct Light 3ds Max


A target direct light has Target and Light nodes to help you control the direction and animation of the light. It also has a hotspot and beam, as well as a falloff, much like the target spot. However, where the target spot emits light rays from a single point (the ...

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