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Adjusting the Neck and Head 3ds Max

The neck and head will seem easy to adjust when compared to the hands. You need to make sure the neck link fill the soldier’s neck area, and scale the head to fit. Follow along here:
1. In the Structure rollout, increase the number of neck links to 2.
2. Move, scale, and rotate the neck links to match the proportions of the
model’s neck.
3. Move and scale the head to the approximate size of the soldier’s head,
as shown in Figure 12.15.
That’s it. The biped has been created and adjusted to fit the 3D model, and
half the battle is over. Next, you will tie the biped to the model and make adjustments to the skinning process. Now would be a good time to save your work and take a break.
FIguRe 12.15 Matching the head

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