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Creating BOM Balloons

You can use balloons in conjunction with Bill of Materials tables to detail the location and number of parts included in the
assembly for manufacture.
• Numerous balloon creation options.
• Manipulate placed balloons:
– Merge Balloons
– Split Balloons
– Detach Balloons
– Redistribute Quantity
• Edit BOM balloon settings.

Creating BOM Balloons 2
Figure 2 – Viewing Created Balloons
Creating BOM Balloons

Creating BOM Balloons 1
Figure 1 – Balloon Ribbon Options

Creating BOM Balloons 3
Figure 3 – Editing BOM Balloon  Properties
Bill of Materials (BOM) tables can be used to detail the location and number of parts included in the assembly for manufacturers. BOM tables are created with repeat regions. A repeat region is a group of user-designated table cells that automatically populate, and expand or contract to accommodate the amount of data currently in the model.
You can also detail parts and assemblies with BOM balloons, which are circular callouts in an assembly drawing that display components listed in the BOM table. BOM balloons are tied to the bill of materials table. If you select a table row, the corresponding balloon highlights, and vice versa.
You can create balloons by clicking Create Balloons one of the following balloon types:
• All
• By View — You must select the view on which the balloons display.
• By Component — You must select the desired assembly component on which the balloons display.
• By Component and View — You must select an assembly component in a particular view on which the balloons display.
• By Record — You must select a specific row in a BOM table.
Manipulating Balloons
You can manipulate placed BOM balloons in the drawing. The following options are available:
• Merge balloons — You can nest balloons by clicking Merge Balloons
• Detach balloons — You can separate balloons by clicking Detach Balloons
• Split balloons — You can split balloons by clicking Split Balloons option enables you to create a copy of a balloon that represents multiple
quantities and assign a portion of that quantity to the new copy.
• Redistribute Quantity — You can redistribute balloon quantities by clicking Redistribute Quantity from one balloon to another.
. This option enables you to move a quantity
Editing BOM Balloons Settings
You can edit the settings for BOM balloons within the Table Properties dialog box. When a drawing has placed BOM balloons, the BOM Balloons tab activates. You can edit the following properties of BOM balloons:
• Select which region to apply settings, if multiple repeat regions are selected.
• Control the type of balloon. Options include:
– Simple Circle.
– Quantity Split Circle.
– Custom – This option requires a custom balloon symbol (*.sym).
• Set the BOM balloon parameter to use from the repeat region. The default parameter is rpt.index.
• Set the Reference Balloon Text – By default, REF is used

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