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Creating the Back of the Head 3Ds Max

You have the same problem with the back of the head as you did with the front of the face: There are not enough horizontal edges.
1. Chamfer a horizontal edge near the top of the back of the head, as
shown in Figure 9.16. In the figure, you can visualize how the polygons will bridge over. In this case, after you create the chamfer, you
will have five segments that can bridge in the next step.
FIguRe 9.16 Chamfer the edges.
2. Bridge the vertical edges of the gap, as Figure 9.17 shows. This time
you have the exact amount needed to create a solid head shape.
3. Go into the Right viewport and notice how the edges are closer to the
front of the head than the back, as shown in Figure 9.18 (left). Select
and move edges or vertices until the vertices are more evenly spaced
(Figure 9.18, right).
FIguRe 9.17 Bridge the vertical edges to fill the last hole.
FIguRe 9.18 Move edges or vertices to evenly space the edges.

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