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Creating the Hands 3Ds Max

Continue with the previous exercise’s scene file, or open the Soldier_V08.max
scene file in the Scenesfolder of the Soldier project from the book’s web page.
In this section, you will create simple “mitten hands” for the soldier:
1. To create one of the hands, start with a box. Create a box primitive in
the Perspective viewport, and then in the Modify panel, set Length to
7.5, Width to 16.0, and Height to 5.0. All segments should be set to
1. Position the box in your Top viewport over the wrist. Finish positioning it in the Front viewport and convert it to an editable poly.
2. In the Top viewport, use Swift Loop to create two segments vertically
and two segments horizontally. Then, in Vertex mode, move the vertices to create a mitten arc, as shown in Figure 8.21.

FIguRe 8.21 Reshape vertices to create a mitten shape.
3. With the hand selected, go into Polygon mode and select the polygons
on the hand where the wrist and the arm meet; then delete them.
The result is a hollow hand.
4. In Edge mode, select the outer edge loop running along the top and
bottom of the hand lengthwise. Then select Poly: Edit aEdges a
Chamfer aChamfer Settings, and set Edge Chamfer Amount to 0.7,
as shown in Figure 8.22.
5. Use Swift Loop (Poly: Edit aEdit) to create an edge up from the
wrist, as shown in Figure 8.23.
6. In Polygon mode, select the three polygons just up from the newly
created edge on the side of the hand, where the thumb should be.
Choose Poly: Edit aPolygons aExtrude aExtrude Settings and
use a Height value of 0.8to start pulling out the thumb. Then move
the corner edges in to round out the beginning shape of the thumb.
7. Bevel the polygons at the end of the thumb for the knuckle. Choose
Poly: Edit aPolygons aBevel Settings. Set Bevel Amount to 3.0
and Outline Amount to –.55, and click OK.
8. Repeat step 7 at the tip of the thumb geometry to create another
segment for the thumb from the knuckle to the tip of the thumb.
Adjust the polygons, vertices, and edges to get the thumb to look
like Figure 8.24.

FIguRe 8.22 Select and chamfer the edge loops running lengthwise along the top and bottom of the hand.

FIguRe 8.23 Use SwiftLoop to create an edge at the wrist.

FIguRe 8.24 The thumb with all its joints
9. Select the polygon at the ends of the thumb and fingers. Choose
Poly: Edit aSelection, and click the Soft Selection icon ( ). In
the Front viewport, move the thumb and fingers down to give
them a slight slope.
10. In the Perspective viewport, scale the wrist down to fit within the
sleeve if necessary. Center the pivot point to the model’s body, and
mirror it as a copy for the other side. Place the hands at the wrists
and attach them to the rest of the model. The final gloved hand is
shown in Figure 8.25.


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