Align in delcam shoe


Use this tab to define the alignment points on the last. Select the From point on the last Select the To point on the last. Using three pairs of points to align Click Start. Select three pairs of points. Each pai of points must consist of one point on the ...

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Offset style-line dialog


Use the Offset style-line dialog to specify the offset distance for a style-line, stitch line, punch curve and accessory curve. Enter the Offset distance. Enter a negative value to change the side of the offset. If required, click Create another to create another offset distance. When you have set all ...

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Merging style-line curves


Controlling the merging of style-lines The merging of the curves is controlled by variables that are stored in the powershape.confile. By changing the values assigned to the following variables, you can control the way the curves are merged: detect_curve_dist: 2.5 This variable defines the distance on either side of a ...

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Tips for style-line creation Style-lines can be sketched on any items in ShoeMaker. The relevant item (sole, heel or upper) must be visible on the screen. Snapping the end point on the start point creates a closed curve. Create a corner by holding down CTRL while clicking inserting the points. ...

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Advanced Last Editing


The following are displayed: General edits toolbar Advanced Tools toolbar. This includes:includes: Wireframe modelling tools. Surface modelling tools. Solid modelling tools. Click a button on the Advanced Tools toolbar to display the relevant modelling toolbar. Use the toolbar to make changes to the model. When the changes have been made, ...

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Align User-defined Flattening Outlines dialog


Use this dialog to position the composite curve when using User-defined flattening. Select the From point on the last Select the To point on the last. Select one of the following options: Move Rotate Scale Use the available Length, Height and Width sliders, to adjust the position and size of ...

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User-defined flattening


Editing the flattened outlines does not just change the curve but alters the flattening mapping (that is the whole area enclosed by the curve). Click(Mean flattening flyout) to display theUser-defined Flattening dialog. Use one of the following methods to define the flattening: Select Inner or Outer depending on the shell ...

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