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Jdpaint software Portable

After loading file below, you have full feature of jdpaint 5.21, you can use it directly with no setup. Jdpaint is a powerful 3d scuplting software from China. you can use exist desgin model to use it for your works, you can export to bitmap so you can use it in artcam, vcare,..

Linkdown load:


Go to :


Double click it, and you have jdpaint interface as below.



With jdpaint software you creat workworking product is more easier.

tranh-dieu-khac-go hinh-dieu-khac-go-nghe-thuat image description mau-tranh-dieu-khac-go

Alot of 3d model of jdpaint here.

400Gb Jdpaint File

Free video for sefl learning.



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