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Merging and Attaching the Head’s Accessories 3Ds Max

The remaining accessories for the soldier are the helmet, goggles, and face
mask. To create these objects, you can repeat the same methods you’ve already used, so we’ll save a little time and merge the finished pieces.
The finished models for the helmet, goggles, and face mask have been created separately and can be merged into your final model. Keep in mind that if you changed the design of the soldier as you built him in your scene, these premade accessories for the head may not perfectly fit your particular model. If this is the case, you may want to use the scene file of the soldier provided in the following steps, or create your own accessories to fit your design.
Continue with the previous exercise’s scene file, or open the Soldier_v10.max
scene file in the Soldier project’s Scenesfolder from the book’s web page.
1. Click the Applications menu and select Import aMerge. In the
Merge File dialog box, choose the file Soldier_Accessories.max
Merging and Attaching the head’s Accessories 189
in the Scenesfolder of the Soldier project from the web page. Click
Open. In the Merge dialog box, select all the objects in the list and
click OK. You might see a warning about materials, as shown in
Figure 9.19, so just click Use Scene Material. The object will appear
in the scene, lined up with the model.

FIguRe 9.19 You might see this warning.
Now you need to attach all the accessories to the main body. This
means the entire soldier model will be a single mesh and can be used
to create the UVW mapping for the model in Chapter 11, “Textures
and UV Workflow: The Soldier.”
2. Select the body, and from Poly: Edit choose Geometry (All) a
Attach (Arrow) aAttach From List to open the Attach List dialog
box. Using this dialog box makes it easier to attach when you have
multiple objects.
3. Because you selected the body when you opened the Attach List dialog box, the window won’t show the body as an object that you can
select. Select the four objects, but not the image planes, in the list
and click Attach.
The soldier is complete—well, at least the model. Now that the head objects
are attached to the body, they cannot be selected individually. As a matter of
fact, the entire soldier is one object, from the boots to the helmet. You have
to select the boots, hands, or any accessories you added to the model by using
Element mode from the modifier stack. You will see this approach in action
in Chapter 11 as you lay out UVs for the soldier. Figure 9.20 shows the completed model of the special operations soldier with some added accessories, and knee pads, and with the head’s accessories.
tsa8FIguRe 9.20 Completed soldier model

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