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Setup dialog box gibbscam


This dialog box is opened when the Setup button is clicked. The Setup dialog box is used to set various machine parameters such as the spindle or toolgroup origin, the number of toolgroups and workpieces, and to control grouping of assembly components. Machine Parameter MTM This item is selected if ...

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Build The Machine Tool Assembly gibbscam


Start Build Machine, which is found in the Plug-Ins menu. When first run in a file the assembly tree contains only a Root entry. Setup The Setup button opens the Machine Parameters dialog (see Setup dialog box) which lets you define Machine Parameters including the spindle origin and the tool ...

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ToolGroups gibbscam

Understanding how to properly set up tools and positions is vital to getting Machine Sim to render correctly. The method for displaying tools in machine simulation is different depending on whether the machine is a mill or a lathe. For this discussion, “lathe” includes all lathe machines, Mill/Turn machines, and ...

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Spindles and Parts gibbscam

Machine components that hold a workpiece (part and/or stock) require special definition in the machine assembly. This is so that Machine Simulation knows how to position the workpiece during simulation. A special machine component called a Part Body (P-body for short) must be defined in the machine assembly. The P-body ...

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Create the Machine Tool CAD Model gibbscam


The first step to using Build Machine is to create a GibbsCAM part which contains individual solids representing each axis and major component of the machine tool. This is an assembly of the components. Note that the solids may be created in another CAD application and imported into GibbsCAM. 1. ...

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Using Build Machine gibbscam


Build Machine is used to define and create an assembly model of a machine that can be used with the Machine Simulation product to create a highly accurate visualization of a part program created in GibbsCAM. Build Machine is used after a solid model has been created of the machine ...

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Statistics gibbscam


When the Statistics option is enabled a window opens when you activate Machine Sim. The window logs the current framerate for your machine as well as any logged errors for the CPR session.

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Slider gibbscam


The items in this section affects the responsiveness and quality of the rendering by controlling the maximum step distance between features in rendering. These values are used with the speed slider on the rendering palette. The fastest speed jumps the tool from feature to feature using these settings. Lowering the ...

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Collisions/Limits gibbscam


The items found in the Collisions/Limits section of the dialog provide control over how the system reports collision errors while rendering. Any combination of the alert methods may be used to inform the user when a collision occurs. Please note that the Collision Checking option (found in the Render Control ...

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Cutting gibbscam


The cutting options section allow you to control the quality and responsiveness of Machine Sim. Please note that the Machine Sim preferences are stored with the part. This means that if you change the preferences but open a part that has an older set of preferences, it will override the ...

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