NX 8.5 Model tutorial

NX 8.5

Next we will begin construction of the model geometry. Insert > Design Feature > Extrude (or find the “Extrude” icon in the icon menu) The EXTRUDE dialogue will open and Section – Select Curve option will be highlighted. This is prompting the user to select the location and orientation of ...

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NX 7 for Enigneering Design

NX 7

This self-guiding tutorial provides a step-by-step approach for users to learn NX7. It is intended for those with no previous experience with NX. However, users of previous versions of NX may also find this tutorial useful for them to learn the new user interfaces and functions. The user will be guided from ...

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Cimatron E 9.0 Tutorial_ Quick tour


The following Quick Tour is a step-by-step basic tutorial, which guides you through the main applications of Cimatron E   Steps to follow: • Step 1 – Creating the part • Step 2 – Assemble the components • Step 3 – Drafting • Step 4 – Mold project • Step 5 ...

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Cimatron E10 Tooling tips

cimatron e10

The version 10 control panel has a Catalog Location utility. The path set here should be where your current catalog parts reside. Cimatron parts will retain a link to the catalog table they were created from. However, this link may not work properly when opening an older job or a job from another site. ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max _ User skill

AUTODESK 3Ds max user

Using This Document This easy-to-read document lists industry-specifi topics pertaining to a function or feature set of Autodesk 3ds Max software. Topics are organized into three substructures logically sequenced for classroom presentation: • Topic: A standard functional subject area and/or feature set available in Autodesk 3ds Max software. Example: Sketching and ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max- Lighting (2010)

3Ds MAX 2010 lighting

In this tutorial, you have the scene of a Mediterranean villa that requires lighting conditions for early, mid, and late-day illumination. To accomplish this task, you will create a daylight system and customize it to match a specific scene location and time. Then you ’ll set proper scene exposure and combine the daylight system ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max- Character- Animation (2010)

3ds max 2010 charater-animation

The following tutorials introduce you to the fundamentals of character animation using 3ds Max ‘s biped system. You will learn how to create and control a virtual skeleton, which will drive the motion of your character. Features Covered in This Section ■ Adjusting your biped with Figure Mode. ■ Applying Physique. ■ ...

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3Ds Max _ 2010 _ Lighting_ Rendering

3ds max 2010 lighting and rendering

The tutorials in this section show you how to create outstanding images and animations with 3ds Max. You will learn how to use a variety of lighting methods, as well as how to render still images and animation. You will also be introduced to three powerful features in mental ray that let ...

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Autodesk 3Ds Max _ Design (2010)


In this tutorial, you will learn how to: ■ Place photometric lights in a scene and adjust light color. ■ Set shadow parameters so lights cast shadows properly. ■ Use render presets to quickly set exposure for a night scene. ■ Use a bitmap image as the scene background and ...

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