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Rounding out the Face 3Ds Max

Now it is time to round out the face a bit. The face doesn’t have to be perfectly
round, but it will help if the face is close to a round shape. The majority of the
head mesh you will create will be covered with the goggles, helmet, and face
mask. However, you can use the geometry you create to fit and form those
1. In Edge mode, select the edges around the ear and use Bridge to
close the gap, as shown in Figure 9.13.

FIguRe 9.13 Bridging the edges
2. Looking at the back of the head, you can see an edge open on the
bottom. Use the Cut tool to add another vertical edge, as shown in
Figure 9.14.
3. Select the edges on the inside of the gap closest to the back of the
head and use Shift+Move to extrude more faces toward the ears, as
shown in Figure 9.15. Then switch to Vertex mode and use Target
Weld to weld the loose vertices at the top and bottom, also shown in
Figure 9.15.

FIguRe 9.14 Create a new edge for the back of the
head/neck using the Cut tool.

FIguRe 9.15 Extrude edges and use Target Weld on the loose vertices.

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