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Solidworks 2015 Tutorial – Aplication Revolve


revolve  application
revolve application

We will do as some the following steps:

  1. Select the Front Plane, for our axis is vertical center line
  2. Drawing horizontal line and define the dimension
  3. Drawing horizontal line and vertical line again and define the distance and dimension
  4. Next we draw Tangent Arc
  5. Define the location, at a point of bar starting from this point and select the center point Arc we click any point to define the center point.
  6. Define the radius, distance from this point
  7. Select Offset and select our Arc and click on Reverse
  8. Then draw Tangent Arc to close two end points
  9. We define the distance
  10. And we draw horizontal line and vertical line to close our sketch
  11. And then select the Revolve and we can see the review of sketch.

This is a brief step of this video, please watch the video to know further useful information.

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